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Macbun Training Consulting

We provide marketing & Sales, Finance, HR, IT, Strategy, Yoga and Spirituality training services to organizations representing a variety of industries, orientations and lifecycle stages. Macbun training consulting is recognized for its zealous approach, the quality of its service, timeliness, its commitment to leading-edge technologies. We are perhaps best described as a problem solving firm, helping clients find solutions to their immediate problems, as well as to long-term, evolutionary market opportunities. Experience proves that no two situations are exactly alike. We, at Macbun Training Consulting recognize client's individual needs, and constructs programs tailored to their unique specifications. We believe in Customized Solutions only.

We work with following industries:

›› Advertising ›› Professional Services
›› Automobile ›› Promotions
›› Construction & Infrastructure ›› Publishing
›› FMCG & Consumer Durable ›› Real Estate
›› Education ›› Retail
›› Financial Services ›› Sports & Sporting Goods
›› Foods & Catering Service ›› Telecommunications
›› Government ›› Travel & Hospitality
›› Health Care & Pharmacy ›› IT & High Tech
›› Manufacturing ›› Media & Entertainment
›› Utilities  

For enquiries, please write at, or call at +91-9414100233, 8696955280

For Individuals

(A) Recent Job market shows that MBA/B.Tech/MBBS/Ph.D./Graduate/Post Graduate tag does not guarantee a job (or a meaning full job). To be more effective, one need to get proper & appropriate training and mentoring. For filling this gap,Macbun training consulting provides following training programs:

  1. One month job oriented training program on "Skills Enhancement for Effective Professionals" (SEEP).
  2. Mentoring programs.
  3. Research training programs for Ph.D./research scholars/professors.
  4. Yoga and Spirituality Workshops.
  5. Capsule workshop on "Effective CV Making".
  6. Training program "Winning Group Discussion (GD) selection process".
  7. Training module on "Ensuring best performance during Personal Interviews".

(B) Macbun Executive learning: Are you dissatisfied with your present career growth? For giving lift to your career growth, you need to acquire state of the art skills, technologies, certifications and qualifications. It can give new horizons to your career along with substantial career advancement. We, at "Macbun Executive Learning" guide you which qualification, certification, diploma or training will be useful and appropriate for achieving your career ambitions at time of stagnated career growth.

We will assist you for suitable placement after successful completion of the program.

For enquiries, please write at, or call at +91-9414100233, 8696955280

For Educational Institutes/Colleges/Universities

Most of the colleges/ institutes / Universities are facing great challenge these days in placing their students due to skill gap their students posses. As a result, they end up with poor and inadequate placements and it affects their admissions also next year. These institutions may be good in deliveries but lack in linkages with business & industry and corporate interactions too. It makes them vulnerable for economic turmoil and competition.

We, at "Macbun Training Consulting" offer customized training modules to individual institutions focusing on individual students. We offer following training programs for institutions/colleges/universities:

  1. Short term as well as long term 'on campus training program'.
  2. Mentoring programs.
  3. Guest lectures.
  4. Seminars & Conferences.
  5. Yoga and Spirituality workshops.

Professors are lacking in research orientation in many of the institutions in India. For making them more effective in research and publications, we offer following training program:

  1. Training programs on research methods (General/Multivariate Analysis/Structural Equation Modeling etc) for Professors.
  2. Training programs on software like SPSS/SAS/Minitab/Excel/SAP etc.
  3. Yoga and Spirituality workshops.

For enquiries, please write at, or call at +91-9414100233, 8696955280