Macbun Research Consulting

No knowledge carries the credibility unless it is proved /substantiated by established theories and tools. Research enables this process. Research applications are important and necessary at all levels across industries and even with Govt /NGO level theses days. The countries, companies, NGOs, Universities, institutes, and even individuals are using research and research tools for their different benefits these days.

We provide following programs for different beneficiaries:

  1. Market Research for Corporate
  2. Social and Public Research
  3. Agricultural Research
  4. Financial Research
  5. Human Resource Research
  6. Academic Research
  7. Govt / NGO Research

We offer "one month research training program using different softwares" for Ph.D. research scholars/ sponsored individuals. The softwares like SPSS/Excel etc are used to facilitate solutions to different statistical/research problems.

For enquiries, please write at, or call at +91-9414100233, 8696955280