Macbun Project Finance Consulting

One of the important aspects for the realization of any project is the financing solution. The lenders look at future cash flow while undergoing assessment of any project for financing. Generally, the collateral securities are the assets, rights and interests of the project. The repayment starts once the project becomes operational with consistence delivery of performance. It makes the analysis more difficult thus the risk is assessed more cautiously. We, at Macbun Project Financing Consulting have team of highly educated, talented and skilled professionals who closely scrutinize the project.

We consider the following aspects also among others while preparing the project financing of any assignment:

  1. Feasibility of the proposed project
  2. Exposure and experience of the owner
  3. Assessing the projections and comparing with the benchmark in the industry
  4. Compliances with regulatory requirements of appropriate authority applicable for the project
  5. The timelines of the project funding as undesirable delay can damage the viability and feasibility of the project.
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