About us

We started our operations in 2005 as a sole proprietorship firm (Macbun Management Consulting Group) serving job market of India along with training to corporate & institutions. We incorporated the company named "Macbun Management Consultants P Ltd" in 2010.Today, we are passionate, professionally managed placement company . We are serving to world class companies to national brands to SMEs across all sectors & industries. At 'Macbun Placement Consulting', We are giving value placements to professionals who have capabilities, caliber, energy, skills, qualification, merits and vision for herself/himself and organization as well. It is our belief that with these characteristics even a fresher who is graduate or professionally qualified but does not have any experience, is an asset for any organization and can be 'next rockstar' for our clients.


Our one of the expertise is our skills based training "Skills Enhancement for Effective Professionals (SEEP)". Our customized training "SEEP" for focused group or target professionals or freshers, makes them effective & efficient as we minimize the gaps they posses before joining the training. Our motto is to bring "Smile on the Face" of our clients whether it is company/Govt/Institution or individual. 'Macbun Training Consulting' provides customized training to professionals, corporate, Universities, institutes & colleges. Our SBU 'Macbun Research Consulting' is one stop solution for all research needs. We use latest software and technologies in research training and projects implementation.


Our customers are also benefitted by services of our growing SBU 'Macbun Real Estate Consulting' where they may get right advice, at right time, at right place and at right price. Whether it is residential need or office need or just an investment need in real estate, our experts will guide them for best deal.


Our corporate clients are served for their various event management needs by our SBU 'Macbun Event Management Consulting'. Also, all strategic needs of these companies are met by our unit 'Macbun Corporate Strategy Consulting' where they get specialized services for specific problems in this competitive market of changing economy phase.


We always believe that ultimate objective of a professional should be to start his own venture at some stage when she/he feels it is right time to start with and of course it is good for economy of our country. Keeping this in view, 'Macbun Project Finance Consulting' facilitates suitable finances to future entrepreneurs from different financial institution after preparing necessary documentation in this regard. We provide this project finance service to existing entrepreneurs as well for expansion of their present business (s).